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Fintech is a portmanteau of financial technology that describes an emerging financial services sector in the 21st century.


Welcome to Mexuz , Your strategic IT partner that could help you to identify and solve your business challanges by adopting creative, disruptive and innovative technologies. Mexuz has many years of experience in helping T1 & T2 companies and government organizations with their IT transformation journeys, including CRM Transformation Programs , Digital Marketing Transformation Programs , Core Transformation , System Integration and SOA , Agile Transformation , iBPMS , BPM , Card and Network of Payments , System Integrations , API Enabelements , Mobile App Developments, Embedded Software Developments , IPTV Integration and Developments, Open Source Technologies , Open source Enterprise Portals , Search Engines, Recommendation Engines, Blockhain technologies , Crypto Currencies , ICOS and more.

Digital Disruption

The digital disruption is evolving and redefining the way we interact and think and operate and has a direct impact to our BAU activities. Embark with us on the journey of adopting current digital trends and best practices all the way in your organization and redefine your IT strategies and long-term visions. Our solution offers a fundamentally better alternative for solving customer problems, in a cheaper, quicker and more convenient manner. Digital transformation can deliver a radical change in the way it changes businesses and societies. Engage with us to consult how to benefit from digital transformation of your organization to a better one.

Digital Innovation & Open API

There is endless potential to improve your organization using our methodologies. Speak to our consultants about your challenges and we will take an open engagement approach to solve your challenges. We will deliver all required software solution and consultings to open your organization to the innovative community of startup and solve your problems through hackathon events.

Our company

Mexuz is a digital consulting, research and development firm which specializes to deliver and drive your organization change. We have fantastic software engineers and technology consultants who are passionate about what they are doing . We are very much focused on specific lines of software such as :
Payment Gateways , Core Banking Switch , ATM Payments, Card Payments , Online Payments , Card Management & Issuing Systems, Transactional Monitoring Systems, Risk Management Softwares , CRM's, AI BOTS , Mobile Payment Solutions , core embedded development, Liferay and open source portal development , Android and iOS mobile app development , Transport system and transport apps and transport related protocols such as GTFS and GTFS Realtime . Mobile Payments, Amazon AWS clouds, Big Data, Recommendation engine, Liferay Portal, Crypto Currencies and blockchains such as Ethereum, IOTA and more.

Our expertise

Payment Platforms
Core Bankings & Payment Switches
Liferay & Portal Development & Consulting
Mobile App Development
System Integration & SOA
Front End Development & Customer Experience Upgrade
Blockchain, Crypto Currencies, ICO and AI
API and Cloud

Our services

Banking & Finance Consulting


In a highly regulated and competitive market, banks need every advantage to exceed customer expectations and differentiate. It is no longer enough to offer simple and automated Banking services. In order to build loyalty and drive profitability, banks will need to offer a non-stop interactive Banking environment. To achieve this, banks need to increase their business agility by anticipating customer needs and offering an engaging user experience. We help you to transform your products, services, and processes to a better version. We make you ready for a digital world with solutions that
improve business processes,
increase operational efficiency,
reduce risk and total cost of ownership

Payment Systems & Blockchain Consulting

A shift in focus from Credit to Debit Cards and the need for deeper personalization of products and services is having an extraordinary impact on the way banking industry works. Mexuz has been working with global financial leaders to consistently deliver card services aimed at growing customers, meeting changing needs of corporate banking, and increasing efficiencies through self-service and cost management technologies. Our expertise in Banking has been shaped through partnerships with leading global issuers, acquirers, and carrier networks. Our competency has been the result of acquiring, supporting and servicing millions of customers across the globe through our process consulting, integrated IT and BPO services. Mexuz also has a deep understanding of regulations, regional standards and next-generation payment systems based on SOA principles. Recent hypes in the P2P payment platforms and blockchain technologies can help your organization to benefit from cutting-edge settlement technologies like Ripple and Stellar. Talk to us to know more.

Banking Transformations

Banks worldwide face an unprecedented set of challenges with increasing customer expectations, mounting pressures on cost, new regulatory & compliance requirements, unrelenting competition and a constantly evolving economic landscape. Moreover, non-traditional competition arising from the test-bed of emergent technologies like mobile, cloud, social and Big Data pose unique challenges to stay relevant and succeed. Banks rely on Core Banking systems to innovate in the market-place as well as to standardize operations. However, legacy Core Banking platforms are inflexible and expensive to maintain, posing unique challenges in terms of scalability, security, and regulatory compliance. The risk of aging manpower with legacy knowhow is another significant risk to banks.

Fintech Support & Innovation

The financial services industry is facing a wave of digital disruption that is starting to reshape the sector. Transactional finance is about enabling or facilitating value exchanges between parties and has been the site of fintech’s earliest and clearest victories. Transactional innovations meet their user's needs immediately, often with very transparent benefits over incumbent business models. Once the innovation was the credit card; now it’s PayPal, Stripe and other payment solutions. Mexuz is helping the top companies to reach out to emerging markets and expand their business roadmaps. Mexuz offers an in-depth view of the most exciting startups and organizations taking advantage of technology to revolutionize the industry.

Mexuz Leading banking & payment experts

Our features

Idea to MVP

We brainstorm to collect all ideas that can transform your business all the way to have a working software called MVP

Agile Methodology

We use agile techniques to build prototype and MVP. Requirements are gathered continuously while we have sprint planning, backlog grooming, and retrospective meeting. We implement continuous integration and improvement techniques and tools and we create a collaborative team that is agile and talks and delivers.

Aggressive Delivery

We understand that time is gold and we have to deliver quicker than market changes. We have our own way of working around the clock through our offshore partners to ensure that we deliver our assignment within the allocated time frame and budget.

Focus on Results

We are focused on delivering result and not just get disrupted by any details. We ensure that we stay focused on what our customers want to achieve.

Creative and Lean

We are adopting creative techniques and lean principals to have less overhead and deliver an expected outcome in a shortest possible way with the higher quality expected.

Access to offshore team of excellent resources

One of our key differentiators from our competitors is access to low cost, high-quality overseas companies that we have worked with for a long time and we have established our value focus win-win relationship , our offshore dev centers are in 3 different global location where it enables us to benefit from 24 hours of earth time to deliver more aggressive and creative.

Ready to take technical challenges

The technical challenge is what we are after. We get bored if there isn't much challenge in our assignment. We always welcome competition and are happy to do research and development on any IT challenges that your organization is facing.

Open Source & Open Innovation & Open Engagement & Open Standards

We love competition and hate monopoly We always welcome any project which leads us toward more competition. We like government agencies who are willing to engage startup community. We love all about open source and open Innovation and we believe we should always manage the trade-off between being open source and comply with open standards.

Why choose us?

At Mexuz, its all about team work, we have created excellent team collaboration culture that works!

We do believe that Open Source is a right direction for software to go , We have deep knowledge of most of enterprise open source products such as Liferay, Alfresco, OpenSSO, SOLR, Hadoop, Drupal, OpenStack, Ubuntu, Android, Angular.js, Node.js,, Backbone.js,React.js and more ,Ask us about an alternative to your enterprise app and we will find a right open source that is growing fast .

Agile development provides opportunities to assess the direction throughout the development lifecycle. This is achieved through regular cadences of work, known as Sprints or iterations, at the end of which teams must present a potentially shippable product increment. By focusing on the repetition of abbreviated work cycles as well as the functional product they yield, agile methodology is described as .iterative. and .incremental.. In waterfall, development teams only have one chance to get each aspect of a project right. In an agile paradigm, every aspect of development. requirements, design, etc. . is continually revisited. When a team stops and re-evaluates the direction of a project every two weeks, there is time to steer it in another direction.

The Lean methods teach you how to drive a startup-how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration. We don't waste your time and budget developing documents which no one would ever read. Instead, we turn your heavy and lazy organization to be adaptive, agile and flexible and always ahead of the changes in the market. This way your business will survive longer and can easily adopt any innovation.

What do we offer? What do we offer?

Technology Consulting

We provide high-quality resources to your projects. Ask us for any type of technical resource and we make sure we deliver right consultant to your project.

Software Development Management

We provide software development management services. Ask us about top quality agile or waterfall project managers

Agility Transformation

Stuck in heavy processes created by old fashion ITIL standards and so on? We will redefine your organization to be more agile, free and innovative while committed to achieving high-quality outcomes. We will transform your working model to be more adaptive and performance.

Cloud Transformation

Paying a lot of salaries to your IT people and not getting the service you want? Speak to us about your challenges and we transform your in-house support model to be cloud base. This will save you big dollars on CAPEX while helping you to reduce your OPEX as well. We also make sure through our change management process, we will find a better role for your IT staff.


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