Banking & Finance Industry

In a highly regulated and competitive market, banks need every advantage to exceed customer expectations and differentiate. It is no longer enough to offer simple and automated Banking services. In order to build loyalty and drive profitability, banks will need to offer a non-stop interactive Banking environment. To achieve this, banks need to increase their business agility by anticipating customer needs and offering an engaging user experience.

How Mexuz Helps? As a partner to 9 of the top 25 global banks, we help you in transformation in your products, services and processes. We make you ready for a digital world with solutions that:

  • Implement and integrate your blockchain based offerings
  • Improve business processes to adopt to P2P and decentralised markets
  • Increase market gain through connecting to global source of crypto money
  • Reduce risk and total cost of ownership


  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Corporate Union

Service Offerings

  • Payments Transformation
  • Cards Technology & Operations
  • Loans Organisation & Processing
  • Mobile & Digital Transformation
  • Core Banking Transformation
  • Business Simplification
  • Business Resilience & Assurance
  • Business Analytics
  • Risk & Compliance


  • Banking as a Shared Service (BASS)
  • Best of Breed Platform Expertise
  • Complete Mortgage Fulfillment Platform
  • Customer Acquisition Management
  • Loan Modification Portal
  • Smart Mobile Banking Solution